Being a Christian is much more than believing a creed or attending services.  It's living all your life in companionship with God.  But that's easier said than done.  How do we walk with God with all of our inadequacies, struggles, and doubts?  We can learn a lot by tracking the life of David, a flawed human being who God formed into "a man after his own heart."  Listen to this life changing series called "GodFormed -- Doing Life with David."  

24- The Day that Changed the World

What a difference a day makes!  People say that phrase all the time.  No day has ever made a greater difference than the last day of Jesus' life.  In Pastor Dennis' sermon series, we will retrace the events that changed the course of human history, from his last supper with his disciples to his death on the Cross.  Whether you are a long-time believer or simply curious about this story at the heart of the Christian faith, you are invited to join us on a journey that will change your life.

Better Together

In America we pride ourselves in our rugged individualism.  In the church we talk about a personal relationship with Christ.  But Jesus never intended that we make this journey alone.  He has provided other travelers to accompany us on the way.  Who are your traveling companions?  Discover why you need these kinds of friends, where you can find them, and how you can be one.  

Advent-- Naming the Baby

His parents named him Jesus.  But prophets, shepherds, wise men, and angels gave him other names, names that reflect the baby’s true identity.  Emmanuel.  The Word made flesh.  Savior.  Christ the Lord.  Light of the World.  This Advent we’ll explore the meaning of these names and what they tell us not only about this child, but about us.  

What will you name the baby this Christmas?

The manuscript for Emmanuel can be read here.

The manuscript for The Word Made Flesh can be read here.

The manuscript for Jesus the Savior can be read here.

The manuscript for Christ the Lord can be read here.

Exiles -- Our Feet Here, Our Hearts There

Followers of Jesus find themselves living in two kingdoms at the same time: the kingdom of God and the kingdom of this world.  How can we live faithfully with our feet here and our hearts there?  In his first letter, Peter writes to Christians who are spiritual exiles scattered throughout the Roman Empire. He shows us how to live in a world that is not our ultimate home.

The manuscript for Own Your Identity can be read here.

We were unable to get an audio recording of Own Your Hope, the sermon on October 9, 2016. Read the Manuscript for Own Your Hope here.

The manuscript for Own the Difference can be read here.

The manuscript for Own the Battle can be read here.

The manuscript for Own the Pain can be read here.

The Carpenter's Apprentices

Most of us will spend one-third or more of our lives working -- yet for many, there is a total disconnect between the hour of worship on Sunday and the time spent in the workplace all week long. What difference does our faith make in how we do our work? Pastor Dennis will be preaching through September about how we are wired for work, why work can be such a pain, and how we can find satisfaction with our work. 

Your Favorite Sin

Imagine you are coming home from work, or maybe you are sitting idly at home. But you are alone and things are more or less silent. You have too much time to think. You begin to contemplate the next opportunity you have to sin. But, of course, you probably don't call it sin in your head. None of us would do that... would we?

Listen as our Youth Pastor brings a heartfelt message about the sins trapping us in our lives.

God's Invitations


Throughout life, we receive many different kinds of invitations: to special events, new experiences, or greater responsibilities. The best invitations are opportunities to move from where we currently are to a better destination. God is the ultimate Inviter. While his invitations are often disruptive to life as we know it, they always lead us to the lives we created for – if we choose to respond. In this series we will respond some of the many invitations God extends to us through his Word and what it will mean for us to personally RSVP.

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day, ReyNaz had the joy of having Cindy Stiverson join us to bring God's word. Cindy has served the Lord in many roles over the years--senior pastor, staff pastor, church planter, adjunct professor, retreat speaker, and evangelist. In 1998, God inspired her to begin Woven, a ministry for women. She pastors the women at Newark Nazarene and was recently appointed as the SCONAZ Women's Ministry Director. 

Listen as Cindy talks about what sets a woman of God apart.