Most of us will spend one-third or more of our lives working -- yet for many, there is a total disconnect between the hour of worship on Sunday and the time spent in the workplace all week long.  What difference does our faith make in how we do our work?  Pastor Dennis King will be preaching through September about how we are wired for work, why work can be such a pain, and how we can find satisfaction with our work.  

You are invited to join us!

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Every Wednesday night

Come enjoy indoor basketball, a full size court, OHSAA basketballs, refereed games, and the opportunity to play basketball with your friends!

COMING UP: Basketball Tournament. October 10th and 17th. Double elimination with games starting at 6:00pm each night.   [more details]

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We haven't had a church directory printed since 2010! Whether you are a member of ReyNaz or only attend when you are able, you are part of our church family and we want you to be part of the directory! Every family photographed gets a free 8x10 and church directory!

To sign up, click the registration button below and in the CHURCH CODE field, type in oh1855 and in the CHURCH PASSWORD field, type in reynaz. Times fill up fast so sign up today!

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